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Creativity in form of 3D is brilliant experience, the experience of imaginations come alive with the finest of three-dimensional creativity. 3D has come a long way with better performance and much wider usage such as product design, corporate presentations, education, websites, entertainment, interior designing, architecture, stage shows, medicine, gaming and filmmaking.


Initially, it’s important to decide on the 3d techniques based on project requirements such as budget, look and feel, output quality, aesthetic, stylization, story requirements and the usage. Following are various 3D  techniques usually practiced;


3D Modeling

Representation of a surface or an object (either animate or living) by manipulating polygons, edges, and vertices in simulated 3D space; can be created automatically or manually using specilaised technologies.

3D Texturing

A process in which a surface, called the texture map, is wrapped around a three-dimensional (3-D) object. Texturing is to paint the 3D object with colors to from an image; it is electronic equivalent of applying wallpaper, paint, or veneer to a real object.

3D Lighting

It gives an image its personality, its character. Lighting serves a basic function of bringing out, or pushing back the shapes of objects visible from the camera’s view, giving illusion of the three-dimension depth to a two-dimensional image.

3D Simulation

A computer simulation of a real or imaginary world or scenario, in which a user may interact with simulated objects or living things in real time appearance of objects in three dimensions.

3D Animation

Animating objects that appear in a three-dimensional space, making them appear to be real and living. 3D animation is viewable from multiple angles scene which is filmed and put together, a process of generating hundreds of rendered images together for defining 3 dimensional movements.

3D Rendering

A process of creating a “virtual 3D” environment into an actual 2D image (objects), depicting the three-dimensional scene as a picture, taken from a specified location and with the perspective of realistic lighting, shadows, atmosphere, color, texture, blur, and other effects.