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Apps For Women


The Indian women is no longer a homemaker, she juggles between different career options. These jobs sometimes require them to travel after 9 PM or in early hours of the day.Some of the iPhone and Android based mobile apps will help you in minimizing the chances of becoming a victim of any crime and sending an alert to your loved ones on time.


This list consists of free mobile apps for women safety and must have apps in yoursmartphones:


Fightback App : FREE

FightBack sends alert to your loved ones when in danger via Facebook. It uses different facilities like GPS, SMS, Maps, GPRS etc… to inform your contacts with a press of a button. When the button is pressed, it sends the message to your friend and also will be visible to all the friends.


SafeBridge : FREE 

It is a personal safety app,  the advantage of this app is that it works without mobile Internet and can be used to send SMS to your friends and family about your travel journey with exact location.


Scream Alarm : FREE

On pressing the button, a loud scream in a woman’s voice starts. This can help you from the attacker. You can download it from


Life 360 Family locator : FREE 

This mobile application uses GPS tracking technology to locate your family members. It helps you to locate your family members, send alerts, track stolen purses and has chat features.


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