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Mobile app development companies in Bangalore- Artechy | Ecommerce solutions Bangalore- Artechy



Art to commerce, to reach out newer markets, varied customer base and niche segments. E-Commerce is an identity, an online store to reach online shoppers within multiple channels, giving all your visitors a greater shopping experience.


To develop an E-Commerce store there are various technologies available such as php, cold fusion, asp. net, perl, java, buby, python. Based on these technologies different kinds of E-Commerce platforms have been developed for better interactive web applications leveraging on more secure with formidable security standards.


Open Source – E-Commerce platform

Open source E-Commerce platforms is open for anyone to utilize and build upon, there tends to be a large community of programmers that spend time tinkering, creating, and sharing amazingly innovative, brilliant and elegant solutions for typical (or atypical) client demands.


  • Lot of “plugins,” which are essentially either “applications” (apps) or “modules” that can then be downloaded, uploaded, and embedded in your CMS, thus modifying ecommerce platform to do precisely what you would like it to do
  • Scalability, Cost / Pricing, House Infrastructure are on high priority.


Closed Source

Closed Source – E-Commerce platform

A restricted E-Commerce platform is not opened for making changes and modifications, it lets the user make only a controlled number of modifications, typically through drag and drop, point and click actions. It is easy to use, but possesses little-to-no programming language code, which make altering or manipulating as per the desired requirement difficult.


  • It is easy to use — if you are not a programmer and if you have no plans to hire one, then this is the solution for you.
  • Service & Support, Security  are on high priority


Artechy offers quality Ecommerce solutions Bangalore.