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A collection of instructions developed using programming languages that enable a user to interact with the computer or have the computer perform specific tasks for them. Programming languages are constantly evolving and with the rise of multicore CPUs, cloud computing, cross-platform,mobility, and distributed architectures have created new challenges for developing software’s.


Considering the challenges, it very important to zero down on the type of software delivery model, that enables fast delivery because of less development and testing is required, reduced development and maintenance costs, improved quality, reduced risks, and better estimates for time and cost. Software delivery model are available in different forms such as


On-premises software

Also know as desktop software, enterprise software, and shrink-wrap software. The software can be accessed via desktop computers or on-premises via an internal network. On-premises application software is supported and hosted “on-premises” of the organization.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Also know as on-demand software, cloud-based software, or web-based software. The software can be accessed via internet over a browser. Software as a Service (SaaS) is supported and hosted remotely, commonly referred to as residing in the “cloud”.

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